Are You Taking Center Stage In Your Life?


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Are you taking center stage in your life? Whose influencing you in your personal boardroom? Pretty powerful questions!

These really make you take a step back and think. When you contemplate these questions you may find there's room for improvement or critical changes. WHOA! Life changing stuff here.


Now that I've caused you to sit back and pause. Let me share a bit about the Take Center Stage experience. Marissa gets you up and outta of your seat & comfort zone by kicking things off with a DJ, music that moves you to dance and BAMM! she come's out singing a song that hits to the core of you in line with her message to take control of your life.

Since my own personal Take Center Stage experience in May 2017, I've had the honor to get to know Marissa as a close friend. To see that TCS is not just a catch phrase or gimmick for her but truly her purpose in life. Marissa is genuinely about helping others be the best versions of themselves and step into their own spotlight.


She shares a bit about herself and her journey. Leveraging her Toastmaster experience in schools, colleges and public speaking. Toastmaster isn't just to help you learn how to speak better in public situations, it will open doors of boundless opportunities when you build your self-confidence and become all you were meant to be!

The conference is designed to tap into your personal development as it aligns with your career and business goals. Each speaker is strategically selected throughout your TCS experience. The experts speaking at the conference will empower you with the insight, tools, and resources necessary to Take Center Stage in your personal life, your profession, and your business. All of which I believe tie in together. The sessions are interactive, engaging and designed to open your eyes to self-discovery and a journey toward great success and a fulfilling life.


I have to share with you, the conference was so impactful for me that I immediately grabbed the book. Sat down, reading the whole thing that same night! It's written in a way that you write in it, take notes and reflect all in the book itself – workbook style. If your interested in the book, here's a direct link:


For me, TCS was the start of a precious friendship with Marissa and the beginning of some critical steps in my own personal and business life. I cannot even begin to share how many little changes and improvements that this kicked off for me which have improved my overall life for the better. Today I still reference that initial book where I wrote my own notes and reflections.

This blog post was shared today because I am working on a new Beta course, PM Playbook for IT Professionals. As I was brainstorming one of the modules, I took out my own TCS book to review a few notes and goals I had written inside when the initial idea for the course had come up for me during an exercise in the book. Don't underestimate yourself and your own willpower to accomplish your dreams!

Now, it wouldn't be fair to rave about such a positive and amazing event without sharing the details so you can make your own decision. Here's the links and details to the tidbits I've mentioned so that you can make your own decision and learn through your own experiences.


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