You deserve to live a fulfilling life. If you struggle with life pulling you in so many directions you find yourself unable to maintain focus to achieve your goals, if you lack clarity in your purpose and you need some direction help is available. Marissa's self-development books are designed to help you gain the clarity you need to move forward in achieving a fulfilling life. Each book provides a step by step guide to help you overcome personal challenges, to remove self-limited thinking, and give you the confidence you need to shift your life in the right direction


A 5 Step Guide to Personal - Professional - Business Development. Your "Life, Career,  Business" without a strategy is like aiming at a target in the dark expecting to hit the bull’s eye.  Success is not achieved without a well thought out approach. This book is designed to coach the reader in developing a clear strategy to accomplish either life, career or business goals. 


You may ask, why did Marissa write this book when her background is on personal and business development. The love relationship is critical to the healthy success of the individuals pursuing their goals and dreams within the relationship. It is her intent to guide the reader in understanding how to develop and maintain a healthy love relationship that will provide the support required by your lover to ensure you are both happy, healthy, loved and successful.  



A Real Parent's Perspective on the Importance of Raising Your Children on Purpose with Purpose" - The approach we use in raising our children will have a lasting affect on how our children develop, grow, make life changing, and challenging decisions. It is important to understand our parenting styles because it gives us the opportunity to evaluate our current approach to ensure we address any areas of concern because we want to have a positive impact on our child's development. 


To never be the same, to be transformed, to never want to ever look back at a life without Him. To be swept away in time, in gaze, to experience something so life changing, to leave this earth tomorrow wouldn’t be fast enough because you have been with Him. The peace in His realm supersedes any level of joy you have ever experienced on this earth.  Volume 1 reminds us while family and friends are priceless there is nothing that compares to being in His presence.  


Volume 2 reveals to know the fullness of Him who fills all-in-all. Faith in knowing He will never leave you nor forsake you and that He is with you always even when you feel so all alone. To have hope when all hope appears to be lost; that no one will ever help you; and no one understands what you are going through. To be engulfed in His love. To truly experience what if feels like to have His loving arms wrapped around you, and to rest your head safely in Him. Faith, Hope and Love, but the greatest of these is His LOVE! It reaches beyond unconditional and it transforms our hearts to be in sync with His rhythm of love for us.


To be washed in His presence, to be cleansed in His blood, to soak in His fragrance until the whole world takes notice you in HIM are one! To be refreshed continually is a must if we are to remain in His love and to walk consistently in His love for those He has called us to serve. Volume 3 reminds us that if we are to remain humble, patient, wise and always kind we must retreat into His presence to be refreshed over and over again.  


To know the fullness of who you are! I know your identify is powerfully secured in and through Him. To know what you are made of, that you ARE fearfully and wondrously made to serve Him. In doing so you are empowered to live a supernatural life and positions too far above all life’s challenges. Volume 4 opens your mind to comprehend you are truly VICTORIOUS IN ALL THINGS!


Life can take us through some troublesome times of which it seems we may never recover. Volume 5 is a journey through the passage of restoration. Just when you thought it would never get any better, God shows up and restores you; mind, body, and spirit.


Once you have witnessed all that God has done for you, then you realize without doubt He created you on purpose, designed, and wired you for a specific purpose.  Everything that has been allowed to unfold in your life has been so that His purpose can be fulfilled in and through your life. You become determined to answer God’s calling on your life. Volume 6 reveals that you were never your own and you were bought with a price.  

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