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Personal and Professional Development

Strategic Planning: Strategic planning requires strategic thinking. Effective leaders not only need to think and plan strategically, they need to foster a culture of strategic thinking within the organization. This course is designed to increase your self-awareness to think and plan more strategically.


What you will learn and skills developed from the strategic planning course:

  • Strategic planning 101

  • The components of strategic thought and action

  • Tools for analysis, identify strategic purpose and mission, identify key goals, and action planning

Team Building: Leaders require the effectiveness of their team to ensure the organization's goals are achieved successfully.  In this course participants will gain a deeper understanding of team dynamics and how to lead effectively. 


What you will learn and skills developed from the team building course:

  • Create and lead with clear vision

  • Build team collaboration

  • Foster and encourage open communication

  • Effective leadership

  • How to recognize and motivate your team and foster peer-to-peer recognition 

Leadership Development: A well trained and developed leader knows how to lead his or her team effectively and successfully in reaching organizational goals.  In this course participants will master "4 Disciplines of Leadership."


What you will learn and skills developed from the leadership development course:

  • Set a foundation (earn the trust of your team)

  • Set direction (think and act strategically)

  • Motivate for commitment (inspire confidence and empower your team)

  • Encourage personal excellence (personal/professional employee coaching for development).  


Public Speaking and Professional Presentations: Effective communication is a critical skill required for success in finding a job, negotiating your career, salary, leading and energizing a team, speaking to an audience of friends, family, colleagues, potential clients, or closing a business deal.


What you will learn and skills developed from the public speaking and professional presentations course:

  • Tap into your passion (discover what excites you)

  • Master the art of public speaking made easy (impromptu speaking exercises)

  • Master your subject (the art of pitching your niche effectively)

  • Prepare techniques (polished and professional)

  • Speak and present more effectively


Strengthening Professional Confidence: Many contributors make up a successful person. Individuals who experience consistent success have a high sense of self-awareness. This course is designed to increase self-awareness and understand the importance of self-development as it pertains to personal and professional confidence to succeed.


What you will learn and skills developed from the strengthening professional confidence course:

  • Recognize personal beliefs

  • Identify the critical consequences and outcomes

  • Identify self-awareness strategies, stress management, value the positive impact of feedback, best-practices, reflect and project personal greatness

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