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OWN IT! Your Life, Career, Business

This is Your Life-Career-Business...."Own It!" This is no cliche, this is serious business! When you want results, there's no room for doubt or second guessing yourself. To OWN IT...requires a heart of passion, a driven determination, and a will to overcome challenges and reach your potential (your goals). Passion, determination, and will are the start...but to achieve your life, career, and business goals will require know-how, direction, and a plan.

Through the Art of Self-Mastery developing the leader within, building the right team, strengthening personal and professional confidence, strategic planning, the art of public/professional speaking and presenting is how You OWN IT! 


Our Mission is to engage, educate, equip, and empower individuals, leaders, and organizations to unleash their unlimited potential through the Art of Self-Awareness and Self-Leadership.   We provide the tools, mindset, and "know how"  by realigning you with a proper perspective, managing emotions, effective methods for communicating, influencing and motivating others,  

Our Vision:  To see individuals all over the world living a passion filled life by doing what they love and loving what they do.  It is our heart's passion to inspire individuals to come out from the shadows to take center stage onto this runway called life! This is accomplished through self-awareness and self-leadership. Empowering you to first love yourself, love your world, so you can truly be free to love your life.  

Our training and development programs include:

  • Self-leadership (formal/informal leadership positions)

  • Strategic planning (personal as well as business goals)

  • Building and Maintaining a High Performance Team (employee or team development) 

  • The Polished Professional -  Self-Branding and Professional Presentations   

  • The Art of Public Speaking - Strengthen and enhancing communication skills for interviews, talks, public speaking, presentations, or socially. 


Take Center Stage, TCS LLC

Corporate Headquarters - Philadelphia

Tel: 267-225-7431

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